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What can help me stay at home?

You may be used to handling everything for yourself, dividing up duties with your spouse or relying on family members for help. As circumstances change, it’s good to be aware of all the home care services available that might be of help.

Personal care Help with activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, feeding, or meal preparation, is called personal care or custodial care. You can hire help with personal care, ranging from a few hours a day to live-in care. People who provide this level of care include personal care aides, home care aides. Home aides might also provide limited assistance with things such as taking blood pressure or offering medication reminders.

Transportation Transportation is a key issue for older adults. Maybe you’re finding it hard to drive or don’t like to drive at night. Investigating transportation options can help you keep your independence and maintain your social network. You may want to look into assistance with senior transportation options to appointments. Transportation and Companion services offer transportation and assistance to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, social events or an outing to a restaurant or shopping mall.

TUNING IN TO YOUR LOVED ONE’S CARE NEEDS will help you determine what level of assistance they will need.

It is possible for you to evaluate the status of elderly family members by taking a focused look at their current lifestyle.

Families often overlook warning signs such as forgetfulness, lack of house cleaning or a decrease in physical appearance by writing them off to old age.

Here is a checklist that provides key indicators or warning signs to help determine if your family members are in need of additional care or assistance.

Looking at the senior’s appearance can be a sign that they are being limited either physically or mentally from completing otherwise normal daily tasks.

? Are they getting out of their night clothes for the day?